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What does it look like to be non Intuitive?

Intuition is often seen as a powerful tool that allows individuals to make quick decisions based on gut feelings and instinct. However, not everyone is blessed with this ability. In fact, some people are the complete opposite of intuitive and rely solely on logic and reason to make decisions. In this blog, we will explore the life of someone who is the complete opposite of intuitive. Meet Sarah. She is a highly analytical person who always looks for facts and figures before making any decisions. Sarah has always struggled with intuition, and she often finds it difficult to understand people's emotions and feelings. She prefers to rely on her logic and reasoning to make sense of the world around her.Sarah's approach to life is methodical and systematic. She plans everything to the last detail and rarely deviates from her schedule. She is not impulsive and thinks through all her actions before she acts. Her lack of intuition often leads her to miss subtle hints or unspoken messages, which can create misunderstandings in her personal and professional relationships.Despite her lack of intuition, Sarah is an excellent problem solver. She is able to dissect complex problems and break them down into smaller, more manageable parts. Her analytical mind allows her to find creative solutions to problems that others may not have thought of. She is also a meticulous planner, and her attention to detail ensures that nothing is overlooked.However, Sarah's approach to life can sometimes make her seem distant and aloof. Her lack of intuition makes it difficult for her to connect with people on an emotional level. She often struggles to pick up on social cues and can come across as cold or uninterested.

In conclusion, Sarah is the complete opposite of intuitive. Her analytical mind and reliance on logic and reason have served her well in her personal and professional life. However, her lack of intuition can make her seem distant and disconnected from others. While intuition may not be her strong suit, Sarah's analytical approach to life can be a valuable asset in many situations.


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